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50L Home is a global action-oriented platform that addresses two of our most pressing global challenges: water security and climate change. We strive to re-invent the future of water and change the narrative on domestic water consumption. To achieve this, we work alongside global industry leaders and public and civil society institutions. Our primary objective is to create sustainable solutions that will solve the urban water crisis and create financially viable opportunities for our communities. Our unique initiatives address the systemic risks associated with water and climate change, and how they proliferate due to changing lifestyle patterns, increased industrialization, population growth, and rapid urbanization. The approach is two-fold, we encourage water and energy efficiency in households, and generate awareness that leads to better lifestyle choices for sustainable water use. Both improve the livelihoods of people.

Why action is needed 

“Day Zero” is closer than you think. Two-thirds of the global population is projected to live in water-stressed areas by 2025. To add, nearly 60 percent of the global population is expected to live cities by 2030, which, in turn, means a higher demand for water in urban areas. On average, the energy required for household water use is approximately 16% of total energy use in the home, contributing to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Without effective action and support now, many cities worldwide face the inevitability of their water sources running dry.

Our added value

We envision a future where companies, policymakers, innovators, researchers and communities work together to provide urban homes with access to affordable and safe water. We hope to instill the importance of responsible water consumption, making 50 liters of daily water use per person a reality. To achieve this and add value, we have four key focus areas:


Advancing solutions to address the three R’s to water efficiency: reduce, recycle, and reuse water in homes, and within the wider urban water system.


Collaborating on pilot projects in water-stressed cities and mobilizing local actors to learn and inform the path to global scale and replication.


Knowledge is power, which is why reshaping peoples’ relationship with water will help inspire daily behavioral lifestyle changes that can bring effective change to our water crisis.

Policy and regulation

Advancing policy, regulatory and industry framework changes to transform home use and water supply or treatment.

Coalition members

50L Home is a global platform for: cities that view water as a critical enabler for urban resiliency; companies that enable low-carbon and water-smart lifestyles; innovators that reinvent water in the homes; civil society groups and consumer networks.

The coalition is jointly coordinated by the 2030 Water Resources Group, World Economic Forum (WEF), and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

Coalition Secretariat


Founding Members

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Contact us

The 50L Home Coalition is looking for visionary leaders who share the same passion for a better world like us. Whether you are cities, companies, innovators, or civil society groups, we are interested in what you can contribute. Contact 50L Home if you wish to lead and shape the strategic direction of the Coalition and be a part of the Leadership Group through a financial contribution. Or, if you wish to learn more about our work and participate in our events.

For more information, drop us an email (info@50LHome.org) or follow us on Twitter (@50LHome).

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