Appointment of 50L Home Director

27 October 2020

We are excited to announce that Braulio Eduardo Morera has been appointed Director for the 50L Home Coalition, he will lead the Coalition under the direction of the Coalition Board and will commence his role on December 15th.

I am excited about the prospect of leveraging the capabilities of the private sector, public sector and civil society. Together we will build strong collaborations with policy makers, national and local leaders, and innovators to help cities adapt to climate change and avoid acute water crises,” said Morera on his appointment. ““50L Home Coalition offers an opportunity to accelerate innovations to enable communities’ appropriate and responsible use of water resources”


Prior to joining the 50L Home Coalition, Morera spent a total of four years as Director of Innovation at Resilient Cities Network and Director of Strategy Delivery at its predecessor 100 Resilient Cities. He worked directly with cities developing their resilience strategies and identifying methods and funding paths to deliver their most challenging projects. Before joining 100 Resilient Cities, Morera spent over 11 years at Arup’s International Development and Integrated Planning teams exploring technical solutions to deliver sustainability objectives on the ground. He is a co-author of Rockefeller Foundation’s City Resilience Index and worked extensively in development, planning and research projects in Brazil, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Haiti, Malaysia, Mozambique, Nicaragua, the Netherlands, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain and the United Kingdom. Morera is also a PhD Candidate of Human Geography at University College London.

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